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The Syllabus

The British Wrestling Council uses its own unique wrestling training syllabus. This syllabus allows students to be graded every two months to allow them a way of tracking their own progress whilst giving instructors a clear route in which to asses their students wrestling training improvement.

All gradings are performed by recognised BWC examiners who are drafted in from other BWC affiliated wrestling schools in order for the grading’s to be unbiased. Students are marked from one to five on each move, hold, or sequence. The total number of points are gathered in order for the examiner to give an end mark and asses if the student has passed or not.

Students are given a different coloured BWC wrist band to illustrate what grade they are at. Grade one begins with a white coloured wrist band and goes all the way to a black band at grade 8.

Extracts From Fighting Spirit Magazine Article Regarding the BWC Syllabus
Guidance for Gradings


Click each grade below to learn about the relevant grading criteria.

Grade 1 - White

Grade 2 - Green

Grade 3 - Yellow

Grade 4 - Orange

Grade 5 - Red

Grade 6 - Purple

Grade 7 - Blue

Grade 8 - Black