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The BWC is a not for profit council of experienced and respected members of the British wrestling industry. This council has come together with the sole objective of assisting in the various aspects of our domestic wrestling scene and aiding the large number of individuals involved in it. By bringing together a collection of some of the most knowledgeable members of the UK industry, the BWC offers free support and assistance to wrestlers, trainees and promoters in the British wrestling business.

The BWC’s other main objective is to supplement this free industry support by making constant improvements to both the safety standards of British professional wrestling and also continuing to improve the public profile of the industry as a whole. Through its work with many national institutions such as the BBC, Equity and the Old Vic Theatre since its inception, the BWC strives to aid pro wrestling in the UK, to find its correct place alongside other established and respected forms of entertainment and athleticism.

For more information of how we are currently doing this, please read the information on our aims page.

BWC School of Wrestling Knowledge

As a result of the huge success and demand for the recent “Booker and Promoter” seminars run by Alex Shane, the BWC has now decided to open the world’s first ever wrestling schools for those who wish to work on the inside of the wrestling business as a non wrestler.

This is ideal for people who wish to work as a:

- Booker or creative writer

- Promoter

- On screen talent such as a commentator, ring announcer, referee or interviewer

- Media crew including editors, graphic artist and camera crew

- Journalist and on line content creators

- Backstage support and live event team roles

Due the to BWC’s vast number of connections in the wrestling business, students from this school will be trained and then put forward to work with the biggest wrestling companies in both the UK and with overseas touring promotions. They will also have the opportunity to work on projects like Wrestle Talk TV and FSM Magazine and be given access to working with some of the top stars in the industry.

There will be several groups/classes, who will meet once a month. Each class will be capped at a limited number so early booking is advised. Classes will run between 11am and 6pm and will be hosted by Alex Shane. They will feature regular guest speakers, live event field trips along with practical task and home work. Outstanding students will have access to the contacts and vast asset reserve of both the BWC and AlexShane.Org including rings, live event equipment, camera’s, studio access, graphics teams and editors, the UK’s biggest archive of current wrestling content as well as a marketing and promotions team at their disposal. This is ideal for those that wish to work with a currently existing wrestling project or get the perfect head start to begin their own.

Membership costs just £35 per month with a discount for those that book for the first quarter in advance. Advance booking of 4 months for just £125 is advised for those who want to confirm their place in one of the two groups before the national promotional campaign for this service begins.

For more information or to book now, email info@alexshane.org

Have Doug Williams as your personal wrestling mentor

The BWC is proud to announce another exclusive and original service to semi professionals and trainees all over the world. You can now have one of the greatest exports in British wrestling history as your very own personal mentor and you do not even have to leave your house to do so!

The BWC is now offering an exclusive video mentoring service with Doug Williams, for those who wish to have one of the most respected and knowledge wrestlers ever from the UK as their own wrestling teacher and mentor all over the internet. Trainees and semi professional’s will be able to send footage of their matches to Doug, who will watch your work, give you feedback and offer you advice on what can be done to improve in all levels as a performer. Those he feels are at a high enough standard can even use Doug as a reference to attain more work worldwide.

The cost of the service is just £115 per month, which gets you one match viewed complete with a full feedback report. For those who cannot afford that, the BWC is also offering Alex Shane and RJ Singh at £55 per month and £30 respectively. Plus for every 10 students who sign up, the BWC will select one to receive the service for free. To launch the project the BWC has selected Futureshock’s Zack Gibson (who trains at the BWC school in Manchester) as the first person to receive video mentoring from Doug Williams. Gibson said “This is exactly what is currently missing in the UK right now. There are so many people caught between trainee and top level UK performer who could really use the full attention and advice of someone like Doug Williams to help get the very most out of what they are doing in and out of the ring. I’m really honoured that BWC Scarlo Scholarship Winner Xander Cooper put me forward for this”.

To find out more and to book your own online mentoring course today email mentoring@britishwrestlingcouncil.org now!